The NVRRA has several classes of membership:

  • Senior (full) membership grants full access to the club following a probationary period. Application fee $60. After completing the trial period this will be applied to your first 2 months dues.
  • Associate membership, for those who can only attend a few times a year (for instance, someone who lives outside the area).
  • Sustaining membership, for persons or organizations wishing to provide financial support to the club, but not participate in regular club activities.

How to become a member:

  • Fill out an application and submit the application and fee – $60 for Senior (full) membership to the club treasurer.
  • Attend six meetings at the club, including at least one business meeting. This is the trial period. The application is posted in the layout room so member sign offs of the attended meetings can be recorded.
  • Upon successful completion of the trial period, the membership will vote to admit the applicant at the next business meeting.The Fees are non-refundable and will be applied toward the prorated dues of the fiscal year of application upon membership acceptance.
  • Serve a six month probationary period, after which the new Senior member will receive their layout room key.
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