Layout and Scenery Information


Construction (5) Electrical (4) Scenery (12) Track Planning (5) Track Work (3)


Adams (4) Ayer (8) Berkshire Paper (1) Boston (1) East Deerfield (1) Fitchburg (7) Gardner (3) Harvard (1) Helix (1) Mechanicville (8) Mt Roberts (1) New England Milling (10) Noonan's (3) O'Connors (1) Schaghticoke (2) Trees (3) Willows (1) XO (1)

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  • Scenery Report, 4/23

    Claude’s Scenery Report for April. It includes details on all sections of the layout. The last 2 pages detail areas that have or need scenery and who is responsible for them. Also included are lots of pictures.

  • Layout Committee, 4/8

    Meeting included a detailed discussion of the previous Layout Planning report with recommendations. Discussed scenery & buildings on various sections of the layout.

  • Layout Planning Committee, 4/2

    The Layout Planning Committee met with the primary discussion about the extension towards Boston along the outside wall of the layout room. Report includes feedback on possible designs.

  • Scenery Report – 3/23

    Report from the Scenery Chair including an update on all areas of the layout. Details on super trees and the different work areas on the layout.

  • Scenery Report – 2/23

    An update on key scenic areas of the layout. Information on technique for various types of trees.

  • Layout Meeting, 8/13/22

    Lots of scenery, Gardner, New England Milling (w/ pics), Mechanicsville, Fitchburg, Ayer, Noonan’s, Hudson River Bridge

  • Layout Meeting, 7/10/22

    Major electrical update. Scenery progress in Mechanicville, New England Milling, Gardner. Lots of pictures.

  • Layout Meeting 6/11/22

    More on New England Milling. Fitchburg passenger platform

  • Layout Meeting, May 21, 2022

    Discussion about New England Milling and Mechanicville – XO area. More New England Milling pictures

  • Layout Meeting, April 3, 2022

    LOTS OF PROGRESS THIS MONTH!!!! Discussed Electrical Issues and problems. Discussion on track work in the Mechanicville area. Pictures of clouds & New England Milling’s progress.

  • March 6, 2022

    Discussion of electrical issues, scenery and track cleaning.

  • February 12, 2022

    Meeting focused on track issues and scenery.

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